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31DayReset – Day 17

Today’s exercise is about reminding yourself of what you want to see more of in your life. Today, you will make a list of 100 things that make you happy. The idea is that by verbalizing them, you will consciously (or subconsciously) seek them out more often.

1. Shoes
2. Summer dresses
3. Beaches
4. Rocking chairs
5. Chocolate cake
6. Ice-Cream Cone
7. New York City
8. Lagos Island
9. Apples
10. Grapes
11. Balcony
12. Fashion/lifestyle Magazines
13. Maxi Dresses
14. Grilled fish
15. The color blue
16. Hotels
17. Reading
18. Slim ties on men
19. Red Wine
20. Corporate Clothing
21. Twitter
22. Restaurants
23. Tea
24. Natural hair
25. Cocktails
26. Hugs
27. Kisses
28. Short pencil skirts
29. Phone calls
30. Paintings
31. Chocolates with nuts in them
32. Karaoke
33. Poetry
34. Piano
35. Soul music
36. Acoustic Guitar
37. Classical Music
38. Pancakes
39. Salads
40. Grilling
41. Writing
42. Jazz bars
43. Smell of new books
44. Airplanes/flights
45. Street lights at night
46. Fireworks
47. Seychelles
48. Vernice
49. Sound of genuine laughter
50. Big brown eyes
51. Pedicure
52. Make-over shows
53. Food network
54. Tall men
55. Pearls
56. Blue Diamonds
57. John Legend’s Voice
58. Presents (giving and receiving)
59. British accent
60. Pink lips
61. Smell of the earth after it rains
62. Smell of coffee
63. Dinner
64. Cooking
65. Properly spoken English
66. Paris
67. Cuddling
68. Lacy Lingerie
69. Brooch
70. Sunglasses
71. Bible Verses
72. Flat abs
73. Bonfire
74. Dancing
75. Singing along to loud music from the car stereo with my girlfriends
76. Great perfume
77. Road trips
78. Grilled poultry
79. Romantic walks
80. Spacious home
81. Trendy outfits
82. Large closet
83. Water falls
84. Love seats
85. Smell of fresh laundry
86. Easy conversation
87. Church services
88. Evenings of worship
89. Worship music
90. Cupcakes
91. Interior deco
92. Fluffy throw pillows
93. Weddings
94. Blogging
95. Hen parties
96. Babies
97. Theatre
98. Pretty eyes
99. Cute Smiles
100. Vacations

I wrote this with a smile.


31DayReset – Day 16

Today’s Challenge: REST, REFLECT, COMMENT
Today we are taking another break to just rest and reflect on the past week. Before I do an in depth reflection of the past week, let me just say that this week was really hectic for me. I spent most of my time on the road and just generally being busy. Unlike the first week where I was in one location and could take out time to work on the challenge, this week I specifically had to push myself to do this. I thought it would be easier but it wasn’t. I’m just going to blame on the nature of the activities this week. I’m glad that against all odds, I’ve done every assignment given and here we are. Moving on…

* What was the most significant thing you learned about yourself this week?
Well, this week I realized that I can accomplish whatever it is I set out to to do if I put my mind to it. I can’t complain about not having time to do the things I need to do if I can’t account for the time I already have. With effective planning and prioritizing, I have more than enough time to accomplish laid down goals without burning out. The small amounts of time spent during the day doing inconsequential activities can be put together and used for the things that truly matter.
* What has been your favorite exercise so far? And what did you like about it?
I think my favorite exercise this past week was Day 9 (Do One Thing). I liked this challenge because if forced me to do something I’d been postponing and I felt really good after I accomplished it. It just goes to show that I can choose to do one thing everyday that will take me closer to my ideal life, and in no time I’d be setting new goals because all the old one would have been accomplished.
* What exercise did you struggle with most, and why?
I think exercise I found a bit difficult this week was Day 11 (Write a Letter To Your Lizard Brain). This one was somewhat difficult cause I kept thinking that the exercise was not for me. I think lizard brain was trying to make me believe I don’t have a lizard I sat with my pen and journal for a long time, trying to decide whether or not to do the exercise. I came up with every reason imaginable not to do the challenge, but I finally pulled through and it was great.

So there! All done and ready for the new week. Bring it on!!!

31DayReset – Day 15

Today’s Challenge: DITCH TV FOR A DAY.
Today’s assignment requires you to eliminate a common time-waster so that you have more time to devote to the things that really matter to you. Now the original challenge is to ditch TV or non-work use of the internet. This exercise will help you further redesign your day for maximum productivity. I chose to ditch non-work use of the internet since I don’t watch much TV anyway.
This was a little tough. I’m usually the first to say I’m not addicted to my phone or to the internet. Today’s challenge completely proved me wrong. I had turned off my phone data so I only had access to phone calls. This meant no twitter, no BBM, no Whatsapp, no emails, no blogging, no use of the internet whatsoever. I found myself constantly reaching for my phone. I was finally able to pull through the day and I indeed realize just how much time is wasted playing with my phone and generally accomplishing nothing.
I spent the day with a friend and even though we didn’t do too much it terms of activities, it was good to just relax and talk, sleep, play, without the distraction that comes from constant use of my phone. I’ve decided that every once in a while, I’d take sometime off from my phone. I don’t presently do too much business with it, so I might as well get used to not having it around all the time. I’m glad I did this.


31DayReset – Day 14

Today’s Challenge: REDESIGN YOUR DAY
Today’s assignment is to outline a strategy to redesign your day to make more time for the things truly matter to you. The plan is to eliminate the less important things, in order to make room for the things that should matter in your life. For me, the plan is simple. Here goes:
* Wake up earlier so I can spend at least one hour in prayer and meditation.
* Make time for morning exercise. One hour for work out before work.
* Eat a healthy breakfast before work and pack a lunch box from home so as to avoid unhealthy eating.
* Cut down on time spent on the internet especially unimportant social networking.
* Create time after work to relax, meditate or read a book.
* Cut down on time spent watching TV shows.
* Schedule time for personal work, research and blogging each day.
* Schedule weekends to include activities for relaxation, preparation for the new week and networking.
* Sleep earlier so as to wake up on time to begin the day.

There you have it. The plan is to adjust this as new activities are added to my life. I should start at a new job soon hopefully, so I’d have to rearrange this again to accommodate my new job schedule.

P.S. Sorry I’m posting really late. Been out of town and I’ve been super busy. (No excuses, I’m gonna post all I owe)


You know how they say when you lose one sense, every other sense becomes heightened? It’s true! I lost my sense of sight as my eyes closed just before our lips met.
His lips were soft. Really soft. I still can’t find the perfect word to describe the softness of those lips. I’d never felt anything like that before. His are the softest lips I’ve felt even till this day. Cushy without being mushy. Silky, almost fluid, smooth, and supple. My taste buds seemed to be working on overdrive. He tasted minty, from the breath mints he had popped into his mouth after that last stick of cigarette. I could still taste a hint of the tobacco. I didn’t like it, but the mint had overpowered it, which was good.
Before long, his tongue had snaked its way into my mouth. I panicked! What was I to do with it? Then I felt his hand on my shoulder as if to reassure me, he had it under control. I don’t know how it happened or what he did, but I somehow found my rhythm and the dance began. In and out both tongues worked. Exploring every contour, searching out hidden treasures.
I lost control. The exercise was sending tremors up my spine. I felt the quivering and I’m sure he felt it too. I tried to stifle it, but the more I tried, the more violent it became. Too violent it couldn’t have come from just me. I was right. Somewhere in the midst of this glorious exchange, our bodies had joined and the vibration wasn’t mine alone. He was shaking.
At that moment, he pulled back. I opened my eyes and stared into the pool of dark eyes staring back at me. I could see his emotions as if I was reading his thoughts and the things I saw, mirrored mine. He wanted more and so did I.
Gently, he picked up his phone and slowly walked out of the room. I wasn’t sure what to expect next, but I knew that all my defenses were down and I was ready for the next step. It would be our first time, my first time as well. I don’t know how long it took, but it felt like an eternity when he walked back into the room.
“Your cab is on the way”, he said. His voice a little more than a whisper.
Looking puzzled, I replied “I didn’t call for a cab”.
“I know, I did. If you don’t leave now I can’t control what will happen.” I could hear the desire in his voice.
“But…” I couldn’t find the words. Couldn’t he see that this is what I wanted? Did he not see the longing in my eyes? I wasn’t even trying to hide it.
“Babe, it’ll happen. Just not today and not like this.”
He walked up to me and planted a feathery kiss on my cheek. We both heard the car pull up to the drive way, my cab was here.
Almost eight years later, I smile at the recollection of my first kiss. I find it amusing when people say they had a horrible first experience. I don’t know why, but I was lucky with mine. I’ve gone on to have other “firsts”, none of them with him. In fact, that was the last time we were alone together. He was too old for me. But the memory of that evening will forever be a treasure in my heart. I got it right the first time and haven’t missed ever since.

P.S. I wrote this a while ago and saved it in my drafts, not knowing what to do with it. Eventually, a friend of mine saw it and posted it anonymously on his blog (with my permission of course). Anyway, I was having a conversation with someone yesterday about first kisses when I remembered I had written something on it before. So I thought to share, since I have a somewhat active blog now. Lol


31DayReset – Day 13

Today’s Challenge: CONDUCT A TIME AUDIT.
Today’s assignment requires you to think critically about how you spend your time. In order to do this, you will conduct a 24-Hour Time Audit. A simple format was provided to help account for each hour of your time on a typical 24-hour period. You may also look to how you spent your time yesterday or in a pattern over the past week.

For today’s task, I actually didn’t need a time audit to know that I waste A LOT of time during the day. There are no excuses worth sharing. I’ve just been LAZY, simple and short. My service year has just gone by and I can think of so many things I could have achieved in the time that was wasted. Looking at my time audit, it is almost depressing. But I’m making a conscious effort to do better. I realized a little while ago that I spend a lot of time on the internet, more time than I’m willing to admit. So during this last week, I made a conscious effort to reduce time spent on social networking sites and I’d say it was well worth it. My time calendar will not be constant at the moment seeing as I’m still shuffling between cities and my days are pretty much unpredictable. I’m earnestly looking forward to having some kind of stability to my schedule. I’m also taking some time to effectively monitor how I can organize my day and put my free time to proper use.

P.S. My Time Audit wasn’t included in this post for personal reasons.

31DayReset – Day 12

Today’s task is simple, using your values and life map, create your ideal life narrative. Put together what your ideal life would really look like using present tense not future. Write as if your are already living the ideal life now.
Your ideal life narrative is basically you telling a story about the life you want for yourself. It answers questions like:

What are you doing on a daily basis in your ideal life?
Who are you spending your time with?
How are you earning your living?
Where are you living?
How are you spending your leisure time?
Here goes:

I am living in a metropolitan fast-paced city, in a cozy apartment with exquisite deco. I have a large kitchen where I experiment a lot while cooking, entertaining space to have friends over (which I do quite frequently) and a huge closet. I take sometime off during the year to explore a new city, country or culture. I attend regular meetings with other people with similar interests and am a member of clubs that fulfill the same purpose. I read a lot and have learned to creatively express myself through music and writing. I am an Image Consultant, fashion stylist and retailer. I run a highly successful business with a blossoming clientele. I am greatly sort after and have made a mark in my field. I also spend time doing volunteer legal work, especially as it pertains to Human Rights. My love for teaching also has me volunteering in inner-city schools, teaching and raising funds for the schools. I am a continuous learner, constantly attending courses, seminars and other programs. I am financially independent and can afford to take care of as many people as are in need around me. I exercise daily and I eat healthy, I am physically as well as mentally healthy. I go for regular check ups and my body is working perfectly. I continue to meditate on God’s word and to develop a personal relationship with Him, daily attaining spiritual maturity by constant prayer, studying God’s word, fellowship with other believers and giving (my time, talent ant treasure). I am married to a romantic, supportive husband who loves me completely and together we are building a strong, godly family, raising our children in a loving environment. I have reunions with my family often and I’ve developed a working relationship with my dad and other siblings. I have a strong network of awesome friends (male and female) and we do adventurous things together. I am at peace with myself, living happily and fulfilled. I am an embodiment of love and the love of God on my inside pours out continuously to all who come around me.

P.S. As always, this is open to modification as time goes on.

31DayReset – Day 11

The Lizard brain in a nutshell, is that part of you that keep you from moving forward. Today’s exercise is to write a letter to that part of you, recognizing it for what it is and tackling it once and for all. The purpose is to move forward with your life, regardless of what lizard brain says. So here goes:

Dear Lizard Brain,
I’ve been noticing your constant appearance in my affairs and I think it’s time we talk. I know you think you know what’s best for me but honestly you don’t. I need to make some changes in my life and take responsibility for my happiness. You’re not helping with the silly ideas you keep pushing into my head.
For instance, every time I want to take a risk or do something out of the box, you tell me I’d fail. You make me scared of things yet to be experienced. You convince me to remain in my comfort zone and meddle only with the familiar. You resist change of any kind. No one said change would be easy, but in my head, you make it ten thousand times more difficult.
Again, procrastination and laziness are also your weapons. I have had so many ideas on things I need to do in order to change the way things are around here. But you come up with such beautiful and somewhat logical excuses and I end up giving up or pushing it forward. When I need to exercise, you remind me I need that extra few minutes of sleep. When it’s time to forgive, you remind me how badly I’ve been hurt and how they don’t deserve forgiveness. You love holding on to past issues and refusing to let go of pain. You relish the desire to feel continually hurt and betrayed. You make me doubt everyone’s intention.
Well lizard brian, I’m tired of living my life this way and since you’re not willing to change and get with the program, it’s about time you leave. It’s time for some spring cleaning around here and the first thing that needs to go is you. So, I know you think you’re helping but you’re actually doing more harm than good. You’re sabotaging my happiness and now that I recognize you for what you really are, I need you to stop. And the only way for that to happen is for you to leave.
So the next time I see you, I will recognize you for what you are and disregard whatever you have to offer. You are no longer allowed to stop my progress in living my ideal life. Sincerely,

P.S. This post was supposed to come up yesterday but I’m stuck in a village with very little network (long story). Anyway, sorry for posting late. It’s up now.

P.P.S. My second accountability partner accepted his role yesterday. Yayness!!!!!! So now there are three of us against one lizard brain. Can I hear “knock-out”?!! Whoop! 😀

31DayReset – Day 10

I almost didn’t post today. This was one tough task. Not because the task was difficult in itself (I mean how hard can it be to find a partner), but because I had been doing this reset in secret (shame on me). *sigh* yes, I have trust issues, sue me. None of my girlfriends knew I was doing this reset and they knew nothing about the blog. I just wanted to do this for me. So asking me to involve a third party was kinda tough. I thought long and hard (through the day) and I couldn’t think of one of my girlfriends I could trust with this role. Now don’t get me wrong, I have the ‘darlingnest’ friends in the world. But that’s the problem, I don’t need a sweet friend to cuddle me.. I need someone who can push me and get the best out of me. Someone who won’t indulge my excuses (and boy am I full of them), who’s willing to help me on this peculiar journey, help me stay on track, and ask those difficult questions I would rather avoid.
Long and short, I finally asked two people. Amazingly, they are both male. One of them works in a fast-paced environment and I totally envy his commitment to living life. He’s quite focused and would make a perfect role-model. I chose him, because he has the ability to ask me the deepest questions. He’d ask me a question about my life that would get me thinking for days. I realized today that he has already been doing this job without my even knowing it, though he kind of backed off for a while. Well, I asked him to be my accountability partner, shared the link to my blog and gave him his job description. He accepted and it’s awesome. I know he’s going to be really tough on me which is a huge plus.
My second partner (if he accepts), is another tough one. We worked on a challenge together once (that was for exercising and healthy eating), and he was ruthless. He wears his no-nonsense personality like a badge when it comes to stuff like this. I know I can count on him to play this role. I’d be really honored if he accepts. He’s right now still reading through my previous posts, so he can understand the challenge before he decides. So if you’re reading this, pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee say YES!!!. :*
Both partners are awesome friends and I’m so happy I thought to choose them.

*You guys better do your job o. (I know you’re not being paid, but you love me right?! And you want to see me make the best out of life, right?) 😀

P.S. I finally introduced my bestest girl to this program (it took me long enough, *sigh*). I’m officially a mentor. Yay!!! Lol


31DayReset – Day 9

Today’s Challenge: DO ONE THING
After identifying our values and creating a life map over the last few days, today we are taking action on making our ideal life a reality. So this is to help build initial momentum for the journey ahead.
Today’s exercise is to complete one task that is personally significant to you and your ideal life. It should help you get started on a specific goal you’ve identified during the challenge, either from your life map or your personal mission statement. Your one thing should meet at least one of the following criteria:

*Something you’ve been procrastinating on for a long time.
*Something that terrifies you.
*Something that inspires you.

The one thing I did today, was calling my dad. Yay!!! From my life map, I wrote that one of the things I need to do under “Family” was to develop a relationship with my dad by calling regularly and having meals with him. Dad and I live in different cities and if you’ve been following my journey on this Reset, you should have gathered that a relationship between us is non-existent. Anyway, it so happens that today is Dad’s birthday. So I called to wish him a happy birthday (I’ve been postponing this phone call and this birthday was a perfect excuse). The conversation wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn’t awkward at all. And it so happens that he’s coming to a City near me later this week and we made plans to see. It’s been so long since I last saw him, I’m both excited and nervous about this. I hope nothing comes up to ruin it, cause I am actually looking forward to it. So it’s a good thing I called, right? 😀