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New Day…

Another one of the posts I wrote for MusedMinds… Enjoy.

Good Morning…
New day; new possibilities
New mercy with the rising of the sun
The crack of dawn, earth’s version of a smile full of hope
Our point of resurrection
Fresh opportunities
Life’s given us another chance to make right the wrongs of yesterday
Here’s your through pass
Today is a gift
Make the most of it
The days before don’t need to count
Press on and leave your mark
You’re alive, there’s hope
This moment is perfect timing…

Happy Birthday…
This is your fresh start
A new year of your life
It brings with it all the hope of yesteryears
Perhaps, this is the chance to get it right
The mistakes of before are where they are – past
Older and wiser here I come
And this time I’ll get right

Happy New Year…
Fireworks and kisses herald this do-over
365 days of plain sheet
The page is fresh, you write the script
And when you feel the itch from yesterday’s scars,
Remember that it’ll hurt while it heals
That pain has its own rewards
That it all gets better in time
And today is a reminder that time’s moving
When tomorrow comes, it’ll be a new day and a fresh start
It is today that the pain will end

Everyone loves a happy ending and even though we don’t admit it often, what we love more is a new beginning. So here’s your chance… New month, new week, new day, new hour, new minute; new possibilities. This is your blank page. From this moment on, what you ink is on you.
Good Morning!


What I’ve Been Up To…


Hello there!  It’s kinda been a minute. I’ve been on holiday so I’ve just been resting and traveling mostly.
* Spent the first week of my leave in Abuja enjoying the peace and quiet during the day and hanging with friends in the evenings.
* Then it was off to KD to see S for a few days. Who would have thought life actually happens in that part of the world…lol. There are so many places one can live in this country that doesn’t have to be Abuja or Lagos.
* Took a proper vacation to Ghana. It was a bit lonely going alone but fun nonetheless.


Lazy day at Movenpick Hotel, Accra


Trying to shop in Accra

After about 4days, I cut short my trip and came home. Was supposed to head to South Africa from Accra but I really didn’t want to go alone so I’ve moved that trip to July for my birthday.  I’ll go with friends then.
* Back home

The Wait…

As far as faith goes, some days are easier than others. As far as trusting God and believing His promises and waiting on Him, sometimes it’s easier not to.
Today is one of those days that are not so good. Woke up feeling really overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done in the pursuit of this “vision” but once again not knowing where or how to begin. Where will the resources come from? Shouldn’t I be talking with people? Shouldn’t I be out there more? Am I not too quiet about this? Surely, there must be something I ought to be doing. This wait is killing me. I am overwhelmed by the nothingness!
“These things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled.”Habakkuk 2:3
It’s really easy to keep asking, “When, God?” And honestly, if I attempt to say a prayer now with the way I feel, that’s all I’ll ask Him. “When?!”
The wait is however a part of the process. And Daddy knows I HATE to wait. I can’t stand waiting for anything! It’s why I can’t live in Lagos… Waiting in traffic for hours?! No, son! Waiting at a restaurant for my order to be prepared… Waiting in line at the bank… Just waiting. Waiting on God can be the hardest. In all the other situations, you might have a fairly good idea when it’ll get to your turn. You know in about 60seconds, the light will turn green, or that your meal will be ready in approximately 30minutes, or you can calculate the rate at which customers in front of you are being attended to. With God however, it’s not such a set time frame. The only assurance we often have is that He’ll ultimately come through, we just do not know when. And most times, that’s the one thing He won’t tell you.
We learn though that this wait is another step in the development of our faith. The assurance that He’ll come through should be enough. It is enough. He hasn’t said “no”, He simply says, “not yet”. My faith lies in the difference between both statements.
Daddy, I trust Your timing. You know what’s best. Help me to patiently wait on You. Help me learn the lessons You want to teach me even as I wait. I trust You. I trust You even when I don’t… Especially when I don’t. This delay won’t destroy purpose. I will wait…

What Dreams Are Made Of

Sensible people keep their eyes glued on wisdom, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth. – Proverbs 17:24 (NLT)
While there is something to be said for having big dreams, this proverb points out the folly of chasing fantasies. How much better to align your goals with God’s, being the kind of person he wants you to be! Such goals (wisdom, honesty, patience, love) may not seem exciting, but they will determine your eternal future. Take time to think about your dreams and goals, and make sure they cover the really important areas of life.

The above is an excerpt from Life Application Study Bible Devotional. I read it this morning and it gave me something to think about and I thought to share. Over time, we’ve been taught to dream big dreams. We’ve learned to let our imaginations run wild.. After all, God is able to do above all that we can ask or imagine, so don’t limit your dreams. Dream big!!! All well and good. I agree with the “dream big” philosophy and not limiting my faith. Today’s devotional isn’t saying don’t dream big, it’s asking you to ponder on the content and quality of your dreams. I’ll try to explain.
It’s okay to dream about owning that big car/house/business, or doing something really grand, or significant in life, or changing the world, or ruling Nigeria. God’s not going to stop you from dreaming those. However, pause for a minute and ask yourself this, “why do I want these things?” Get an honest answer.
God is more interested in your character development than He is in your comfort. Someone’s going to argue with me now and say, “no girl! God wants us comfortable” “didn’t the Bible say, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health even as you soul prospers?”. Yep, you’re right and you just buttressed my point “…even as your soul prospers”. He’s interested in the prosperity of your soul first, but He doesn’t want your growth to be one-sided (cue prosperity of body and everything else). God won’t give you something that will destroy your soul, no matter how comfortable it makes you. He’s in the business of pruning and refining you from the inside out. So don’t get me wrong, He definitely wants to give you everything good and perfect, but what makes these good gifts perfect is how prepared you are to handle them. Again, character first, comfort after. Now this is a discussion for another day but in the interest of today’s topic, just agree with me that God wants your character developed first and foremost. Agreed? Okay, let’s move on…
So have you thought about why you want the things you want? What motivated your dream? Pull out your goals journal, if you have one, and go over every goal, plan or target you have and sincerely ponder on why you want to have/do/accomplish these things. Now think about God’s plan for you bearing in mind what I just said about God’s interest in your character and comfort. Go back and read again the excerpt above. Seriously, read it again slowly. What do you think is God’s ultimate plan for your life? Do your big dreams align? Of course He wants you to do big things but the question I need you to answer is “why”? I can’t give you the answer to that but if you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll know that a lot of what motivates our big dreams is outside of God’s plan for us. The purpose of this post is to get us to think, not necessarily to provide specific answers. However, like the excerpt says, make sure your dreams cover what is really important.

P.S. If you still want to further discuss this, use the comment section. Or shoot me an email. Bless

Liebster Award

I got nominated for the Liebster award a while ago and I have no idea how I’m only just seeing it.
First of all yaaaaaay!!!! I’m excited that someone thinks my blog is awesome enough to be nominated. Seeing as it’s my first, I’m ubër excited! Thank you so much Shade of A Teen Journal for nominating me. Gracias bella!!!
The Rules:
• Thank the person who nominated you
• List 11 random facts about yourself
• Answer the questions they have asked
• Nominate 11 other people
• Ask the nominees 11 questions
• Last and but not least, let them know
you have nominated them.

11 Random facts about me:
Hmmm let’s see…
1. I don’t have a pet. Animals don’t like me much (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)
2. I’ve been to sixteen states in Nigeria, including the FCT
3. Blue’s my favorite color.. All shades of blue
4. Architecture fascinates me
5. I hate having my picture taken
6. I have really fragile/tiny hands for someone my size (I think it’s cute)
7. I love how slender my fingers are
8. I love gifts that come with handwritten notes
9. I could go months without television and not miss it
10. I write letters to God (but you already knew that.. Hehe)
11. I am overly sensitive (you can interpret this anyway you choose and you most likely will be right.. Lol)

Now to the questions asked…
1. What is your favorite show?
Hmmm can I actually pick a favorite? I don’t watch too much television but when I do, I love watching cooking, make over and fashion shows mostly.
2. What inspires your writing?
Life.. Lol. My life mostly. I write the way I perceive things. That’s one reason why most of what I write is in the first person (even fiction). My journey and growth in my relationship with God is a major determinant in most of what I write. I write what I feel… If I can’t feel it, I most likely can’t put it to words.
3. Who is your favorite author?
I don’t feel like I’ve read widely enough to be able to answer this question. I don’t have favorites really, I just read whatever I find and hope I like it.. Lol.
4. If you had a chance to date any celebrity at all, who will it be?
Ryan Gosling! Hahaha.. Or Common. Or John Legend. Or Banky W. Or John Mayer. Or Mali Music. Dem a plenty mehn!! Lol… Truth is even though all these people I’ve mentioned are gorgeous!!!!!!!, what really makes them attractive is how smart/witty I perceive them to be. Like, it’s just not fair to the rest of the world that you look so yum and then have amazing brains to go with it.
5. What is your favorite meal?
Like I said, I hardly do favs but if I absolutely had to pick, it’d be starch and banga. But you see the thing is on some days, I’d pick pounded yam and egusi instead, or shrimp fried rice, or even plain ol’ indomie noodles… I’m too much of a foodie to have a favorite ‘cos I want to experiment and eat everything (well, almost everything).
6. What is your favorite song?
Why do you keep doing this to me???? 😥 I can’t choose!!! Lol! Way too many amazing songs in the world to pick just one! I don’t even have a favorite genre. Currently though, my “happy song” is David Guetta and Sia’s Titanium. However, this is in no way my favorite song. Not even close. Not even top twenty. Or fifty.
7. What other movie have you cried for apart from Titanic?
Lol! Wrong question! The question should have been “what movie have you NOT cried for”. Everything makes me cry. I’m a sappy sap. I admit it.
8. If you had one wish…
I’d like to go back nine years with all the knowledge I have now and change some of the decisions I made. I’m learning and accepting now though that things happen for a reason. And that everything will work out for my good. Those decisions shaped me. When I look in the mirror, I can either love or hate who I see. I choose to love me and work on being the best me there could be. That said, I’d maybe wish for… (Why does it have to be one wish?!) the ability to hear every song ever written at least once
9. Are you a completely different person online?
Nope. I couldn’t hide the real me even if I tried. But I am making a conscious effort to be more positive… Offline as well. Even on my blog, I try to be as real as possible. I have flaws, that’s what make me human. And while I’m working on improving myself, I’m not afraid or ashamed to show who I am now.
*That said, I am very shy in person so I might “sound” a bit more bubbly online than I am offline, I think. (That is until I’m comfortable around you, then I can be crazy!! Hehe)
10. If a fight suddenly breaks out in front of you, what would you do?
Run!!! Lol. Seriously, I hate violence and I can’t stand the sight of blood. I’d just call for help.
11. How do you spend your free time?
Depends on my mood. Read a book. Write. Sleep. On social networking sites. Cook. Make music (or try to)… Pinterest and Houzz are my current obsession.
Done!!! *phew*

My nominees…
1. Scarlet Thread
2. La Bella Imperfezione
3. Malota4eva
4. Life Is What You Make It
5. Yinkus Pinkus
6. Sisi Jacobs
7.One Little Corner
8. …The Foot Of The Hill
9. London Letters
10. Greens and Sunshine
11. Learning To Breathe

My questions for the nominees..
1. What’s the most important relationship in your life?
2. What book are you currently reading? If none, what was your last read?
3. What’s your most annoying habit?
4. If you could only read one book in the world, what would it be? (Apart from the Bible)
5. If you could change just one thing in the world, what would it be?
6. What’s the one gadget you can’t do without in your life, and why?
7. One physical feature on yourself you wish you could change
8. What inspires your way of life?
9. Favorite day of the week, and why?
10. Favorite holiday and why?
11. If you could only travel to one place in the world, where would it be?

NOTE: There is no general committee that handles this award. It’s really just a recognition from one blogger to another for how awesome they are. Kind of like a really big internet hug!

I think this about does it. Hope I’m not missing anything.. Off to inform all who have been nominated.

Off The Playlist – I Will Rise

I Will Rise ~ Chris Tomlin

I love Chris Tomlin and I’ve had this particular song from the “Hello Love” album for a while now. This morning, it came up on some random shuffle… Let me try to explain to you how this song affects me.
Yesterday, I had what can be described as an adrenaline rush. It happens to me sometimes and it’s what S calls my “Titanium” mood (where I am overly excited and sing David Guetta’s Titanium at the top of my lungs). In my titanium mood, I’m at my happiest (sidebar: if you ever catch me in this mood, you can ask me for anything.. Lol). The downside to this though, is in the aftermath…let’s just say “what goes up, must come down”. And boy, do I come down!
Now here’s the interesting part, as usual, this morning I woke from yesterday’s high feeling a bit low. I was however determined not to remain low so I turned on the music and in the midst of that, this song came up. Picture yourself on a private Island with the wind kissing your face and the sound of the waves acting as heaven’s serenade. That’s the effect this song has on me. It’s beautiful without trying too hard and the best part is it forces me to worship even when I don’t feel like it. You know the kind of worship where you don’t even have to use words, your heart is just in sync with heaven? This is it!
The best part of the song has to be the lyrics which I’m sharing with you here. I guess the peace and calm this song brings is best expressed through the lyrics… It’s falling down before God to rise up again. It’s knowing peace even when everything fails. It’s being able to say “it is well” even when situations around you don’t agree. It’s being on your knees in His presence and letting Him pick you up. It’s Him taking you above life’s torrents.
I will rise!

There’s a peace I’ve come to know
Though my heart and flesh may fail
There’s an anchor for my soul
I can say “It is well”
Jesus has overcome
And the grave is overwhelmed
The victory is won
He is risen from the dead

And I will rise when He calls my name
No more sorrow, no more pain
I will rise on eagles’ wings
Before my God fall on my knees
And rise
I will rise

There’s a day that’s drawing near
When this darkness breaks to light
And the shadows disappear
And my faith shall be my eyes
Jesus has overcome
And the grave is overwhelmed
The victory is won
He is risen from the dead

And I hear the voice of many angels sing,
“Worthy is the Lamb”
And I hear the cry of every longing heart,
“Worthy is the Lamb”

And I will rise when He calls my name
No more sorrow, no more pain
I will rise on eagles’ wings
Before my God fall on my knees
And rise
I will rise

P.S. Get this song, listen and let me know what you think. I really do hope it floods your heart with peace in a world full of thunder.