This Is What This Is

When I started this blog, Future New Yorker, I didn’t really have a purpose for it except to occasionally keep an online journal and maybe force myself out of my comfort zone as far as my writing was concerned. Well, it grew and became much more than that. Apart from housing my Random Musings, FNY has become for me an opportunity to share my life and my faith.
During my hiatus, I began asking myself if I really wanted to come back to this space. I worried that it had probably outgrown its use. I’d also been thinking about taking my art seriously and wanted a different space to share that. I prayed about it but didn’t hear anything definite concerning the direction in which to take this blog. I also didn’t feel at peace about shutting it down completely. So I came back… Still wondering what the next step should be.
A few days ago, I felt a nudge to start a study on the book of Revelation. This is the very first thing that hit me:
“This is a revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants the events that must take place. He sent an angel to present this revelation to his servant John, who faithfully reported everything he saw. This is the report of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.” – Revelation 1:1-2 (NLT).
God wants to reveal things to His people… And He does reveal. Usually, the things He reveals to one person are for the edification of all. He speaks so we can be encouraged, uplifted, corrected (in love), built up…
Ordinarily, I’d skip the introduction of whatever book I’m studying so I can get to what I considered the ‘real stuff’. But this introduction tugged at my heart so much, I couldn’t move on from it. I felt the Holy Spirit saying to me, Kov, this right here is why you do this. It isn’t about just you anymore. You learn so you can share. You experience so you can encourage. You see so you can teach. IT ISN’T JUST ABOUT YOU!
While I’m not trying to sound like I’m some prophet sent with a special message for the world, I know that I have things to share.  We all do. Each of us have gone through experiences in life that at one point broke us. We also have in some ways found our way. Someone else needs to hear how to make it. Someone else will have their path illuminated if we choose to shine our light a little brighter. Maybe not everyone will hear our message. Maybe not everyone will understand it and be blessed by it. But maybe one person will be touched. Maybe one person will be encouraged. Maybe one person will learn. And for that one person, it is worth it.
This is what this is.

Peace, Love & Light,

PS. I’m working on improving and upgrading this space so it can be a lot more functional. And because I know that we all have a message to share, I’ll regularly open it up for you too.

PPS. I apologize for the irregularity of posts. As soon as the upgrading process is done, posts will become much more regular, promise.


3 thoughts on “This Is What This Is

  1. tiwaladeo says:

    I’m eagerly anticipating this.

  2. Oh wow! Its just so amazing how we keep looking for the big signs, waiting and waiting when sometimes the message is right there if only we look deeply. I definitely learnt something from this. Thanks kovie

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