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In Sorrow

I was looking through random saved documents on my phone and found this. I know I saved it from a devotional I read a while ago, but I can’t seem to remember which. Just have a feeling someone other than me might need this today…

In Sorrow

“If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there;
if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath.”

– Psalm 34:18, The Message

There is a sacredness in mourning. There is a hallowed ground in the void that comes beyond suffering – in the place where we feel forgotten and afraid, where we are empty, spent, worn threadbare from the pain, where we feel the “No” still echoing through.

There is a reckoning in sorrow. Whether we feel God’s presence envelope us whole or we feel desperately alone, there is an interaction with the Lord. We know He is there but the question is, How close? We know He brings good but we cannot see it yet, not in this.

What does it mean to give thanks when we’ve lost what we could not bear to lose?
What does gratitude look like in a heart that’s broken into a million jagged pieces?
What do we thank God for then?

There are the standard answers. We can look at other gifts in our lives, those things which we have not lost. We can thank God for what’s come before, the blessings in our past. We can thank Him for what’s still ahead, the blessings in our future. But sometimes our red, puffy eyes cannot see well enough for this. Sometimes all we know is what we feel. Sometimes all we can muster is simply to stand still.

And did you know that that’s OK?

Our God is not bound by conventional methods of thanksgiving.

Gratitude can look like sitting in the sorrow for awhile, allowing the grief to burrow deep into the skin and become a part of us. Giving thanks can happen when we let ourselves feel every inch of the sadness, knowing that He feels it too.

Christ’s fierce love for you is not quenched when sorrow steals your words or mourning silences your tongue. His flame for you only grows brighter in the darkness.

Sisters, our Jesus mourns with us. He holds us near, even when we are too numb to feel it. We are free to weep, free to mourn, free to feel the loss. He feels it, too.

We don’t have to explain it away. We don’t have to lean on clichés. We can lean on Jesus.

He. is. right. there.

Thank God for that.
Psalm 34:18 – “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted;
he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

I hope this helps someone.

Peace, Love, & Light,



This is How Some of Our Conversations Go… LOL

Peter: Lord, if it is you, ask me to come.

Jesus: It is I, come.

Peter: *steps out of boat* *walks on water*


Me: Lord, if it is you, ask me to come.

Jesus: It is I, come.

Me: If it is really you, Lord, wave your hands and ask me to come again.

Jesus: *waves* Come.

Me: Hmm Is it really, truly you? Turn around three times, jump up and say “come” in Arabic.

Jesus: Haha! Just trust me, child! 🙂


“And you will hear a voice in your ear saying, ‘this is the way, walk ye in it’…” – Isaiah 30:21b

Hearing the voice is the easy part, taking the step out of the boat is scary. What if I sink? What if the water gets too cold? What if…? What if…? I never run out of ‘what ifs’, there’s always the possibility of something going wrong.
But what is faith if we don’t take that leap? What is faith if I can’t trust that He’ll keep me from sinking? And what if I begin to sink? Well, just like He did for Peter, He’ll find a way to lead me safely to shore. In the end, it’ll all be for my good.

Me: *takes leap of faith*