Monthly Archives: November 2014

For Luce…

They will tell you to be still
Those who have yet to see
beyond words they haven’t begun to speak
They will tell you to learn silence
And patience
And truth
But they know not honest
They have yet to meet her scene

When they come to morning songs
Be the one who shrieks
And seeks
meaning in the ways of the sunrise
Be loud with your moaning
Sing psalms heavy with feeling
Glow as the burning amber
colour that clothes the sky
But be still
And silent
And honest in your knowing
That when dawn comes around again
You will be first to herald her praise
Be, Lucinda.


The Things We Shouldn’t Have Been

We go in many directions, you and I
Lines blur and hearts disconnected getting harder to detect
We break into many pieces, you and I
Collage of stitched tatters no longer makes for fine art
I weep into empty barrels
Collection of many weeks worth of promises unfulfilled

We force too many stories, you and I
Complicated plots and unpolished theatre-tricks becoming our refuge
Did you forget your lines, honey?
Did you miss your one shot to be prince?
And knight?
And light! Bright light!
But there you are, an assortment of black
And dark
Too many colours all mashed up
We are too many colours, my love, you and I
Yet to learn to mix them right
We are all the wrong sizes, you and I
We are all the wrong colours, honeyfall
We are everything we swore we would never be
You are your father
I am my mother;
loving your father in all the wrong ways