Feed Your Soul

I love the Lord, He heard my cry, and pitied every groan…

As I type this, I’m in bed listening to a collection of old hymns and smiling to myself in the dark.
Today wasn’t meant to be a busy day. I had the day off work and the plan was to get some much needed rest. But between doing a bit of laundry, catching up on TV shows, editing a couple of articles, social media runs, and preparing several meals, the day wasn’t exactly restful.
I remember reading something KB posted on Instagram about making an effort to do something good for the soul everyday, I know that I’ve been lacking seriously in that department lately. Too many things seem to be happening all at once and it does get quickly overwhelming. And I seem to be making a lot of mental notes to take care of my soul more… Mental notes that don’t turn into action often enough. Yet I wonder why I’m constantly feeling on edge, out of sorts, frazzled.

Since the move to Lagos, I haven’t been giving as much attention to this lady as I should. I can blame it on a lot of things, but the truth is that we will always make time for what is important to us. So right now I’m intentionally making an effort to feed this beautiful soul of mine… This is the rest she needs. We won’t allow the things around us determine how we behave anymore. We choose to live from within… There better be something healthy inside then.

This is a reminder to myself to give my soul something healthy to feed on everyday. And to live from within. There’s peace here, in this moment. This is how we grow through the process.

Hymns are so beautiful though…

Okay, enough writing. More feeding.

Peace, love, and light,


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