26 Before 27

I’m making a list of twenty six things I wanna do before I turn twenty seven… I’ll be leaving that here, crossing them off as I accomplish each one and sharing the journey with you. Most of what’s on this list are funzies I’ve been wanting to do for a while, some of them I’ve already started… We have 365 days to complete the task so in no particular order, *cue drum roll*

1. Learn to sew
2. Visit two new cities (local or otherwise)
3. Guitar lessons/get a new acoustic guitar
4. Start learning a new language
5. Attend a live concert
6. Upgrade the blog
7. Get that bikini bod!! -____-
8. Learn to swim
9. Add color to hair *fingers crossed*
10. Upgrade cam to DSLR
11. Take a photography class
12. Read 50 new books (mostly fiction)
13. Learn to use photoshop
14. Start training for a marathon
15. Road trip!!!
16. Wine tasting/tour of a winery
17. Change location
18. Start my mini potted plants garden
19. Sing karaoke
20. Creative practice
21. Quit current job
22. Get my own space
23. Watch one live game at Old Trafford
24. Visit an art gallery
25. Busker!
26. Learn to drive stick.
… Enjoy everyday of being 26!!!

There you have it. Twenty six “to-do” before I turn twenty seven… Wish me luck 😉

P.S. “Go on a blind date” was supposed to be on this list but errrmmm… We’ll see 😀


4 thoughts on “26 Before 27

  1. Lol. This is almost like mine! Very similar except I don’t know what busker is. Wait, let me google it -_-

    I’m going to write down mine perfectly now, I have them in scribbles here and there.

    Goodluck as you try to accomplish them


  2. Getting that bikini body is one I should be focused on getting right now too…
    hope lots have been crossed off the list though.

  3. […] about me, i found on Kovie‘s blog the 26 things she wants to do before she turns 27, i want to join the band wagon. […]

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