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Dear God… Because You Bid Me Come.

*Prayer for 2014…

Dear Abba,
Here I am, literally at ground-zero… I understand that this is the best place to start. I come to You with nothing but a heart that wants to love You, eyes that long to see You, hands that yearn to feel You. I come with nothing but my faith and a willingness to go wherever You lead. An enthusiasm to walk on water, not because I have the ability to float, but simply because You bid me come. A desire to say yes to whatever You will. I come to You with all that I have, all that is me.
Eternally Yours,


Dear God… Not Nearly Enough.

Sweetest Abba,
It is soooooo easy for me to get complacent, knowing that in some ways I’ve matured. The easy road is to be content with knowing bits and pieces of You, sharing my faith, speaking of Your love for me. This is good, but it’s not nearly enough, not at all. You call me to so much more! I haven’t even scratched the surface.
I make a choice to get back on my ‘pursuit’. I just want to know You passionately, intimately, completely. As I bare my soul to You, I want to be filled with more than just a knowledge of who You are, but also with innumerable experiences of being with You. Unveil my eyes to see the You I am yet to experience.
Sometimes, I allow the sound of the world and my own voice get so loud that I tune You out (without even knowing it). Your voice gets fainter and fainter till I hear it no more. My ‘lofty ideas’ begin to seem so beautiful and more real than Your plans for me, Your will. I get so carried away by my own delusions, justifying it with my “this is good enough” standard, a standard I have set for myself, haphazardly considering the generality of Your word, forgetting that You are so interested in the details that You’d give specific plans, a customised pathway. Indeed, it is good, but now I hear You whisper, “not nearly enough”.
I am not too different from the Isrealites. I may not want to go all the way back to Egypt for grapes and honey, but I find myself being content with manna in the wilderness. I have the pillar of cloud and fire that I barely notice, and manner that barely satisfies my soul, but I find myself being content with satisfaction in my belle and a warm heart. Still You say, “not nearly enough, there is a land that overflows with milk and honey”.
With outstretched hands and an open heart, I reach to You to lead me out of this place of complacency and false contentment and bring me to the place of an abundance of You. You are more than enough.
Eternally Yours,

Dear Abba…

Dear Abba,
Knowing that You’re always with me is what keeps me going even in the difficult times. Only You can hear, only You can save, only You can fix this. No Daddy, today isn’t one of the downer days… My heart is overflowing with hope and confidence in You and I just want You to know that I know it’s not because of anything I’ve done. It’s Your grace that enables me to trust You more, in spite of myself. When I call You “faithful”, it’s not because someone else does. For I can’t help but express what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard, what I’ve handled. You are indeed faithful!
Your love never fails, even when I do… Even when I disappoint myself. You are constant. After all that I’ve seen You do in my life, how can I ever doubt You? How can I not trust that You have everything under control? How can I turn away from You? To whom would I go? Who else can love me like You do? You are enough, more than enough. You make everything so beautiful. The wonders of Your Hand always, always amaze me… It’s how You show up in the little things. It’s how You give hope to my lost soul. It’s how Your Spirit whispers in the dark, “I am here”. It’s how I can stand before You naked and You teach me to be unashamed, confident in Your willingness and ability to love me past my flaws. It’s how these tears flow from a heart overwhelmed by a love I don’t deserve. It’s how I know You’re smiling right now. It’s how I can say to You,”Daddy, pick me up”, and feel Your arms around me. It’s You Abba, all You. You are enough.
Teach me to share this love abroad. Teach me to share this gift with others. Teach me to be unselfish as I walk this earth. Teach me to love like You. Teach me to see the pain of others and touch their hearts… As You have loved me. Teach me to see You in everyone. Teach me to be like Jesus.
Abba, I rest in Your strength.
I love You, always and forever!
Eternally Yours,

Dear God…

This is me just saying thank You, for everything and in everything. Thank You for the first half of this year. Thank You for always being here, for never leaving nor forsaking me, for being a constant source of strength and an ever present help in time of need. Thank You for the family, for preserving us and keeping us safe, whole; nothing missing, nothing broken. Words fail me to express how much I deeply appreciate all that You’ve done and continue to do for me, in me and through me. I am eternally grateful.
Thank You for the miracle of sleeping and waking up. Thank You for each new day, for keeping me alive, for Your word says that to him who is joined to the living, there is hope. Thank You for giving me a hope and a future, and for establishing me in righteousness. Thank You for my salvation and for growth. Thank You for experiences that money cannot buy. Thank You for opportunities and expressions of talent. Thank You for wonderfully crafting me, Your workmanship is beautiful!
Thank You for the trials that make me stronger. Thank You for the tears that cleanse my soul. Thank You for the tough times and for keeping me through it all. I couldn’t have made it without You this far and I know that You’re still with me through it all. Thank You even for loved ones that have passed on. Thank You they knew You and passed in the faith. Thank You for being a comfort when it didn’t seem like we could handle the pain. Thank You for coming through at the nick of time. Thank You for speaking even through the silence. Thank You for dreams, visions and clarity. Thank You for making a way where there seemed to be no way.
Thank You for friends and sisters that I’ve never met but who have become a part of my life. Thank You for connecting me with a part of Your 7,000 preserved men. Thank You for the internet and how You’ve used it to bless me. Thank You for Tinu, Tomi. A, Ayo, Tomiloba, Annie, Oluchi, Ibukun, Moyin, and all other “sisters” You’ve brought my way. Thank You for accountability partners.
Thank You for the second half of this year and the things You will bring to manifestation. Thank You for grace to go through all that will come our way. Thank You for Your strength being made perfect in weakness. Thank You for ability to do beyond what our minds can conceive. Thank You for your unending joy even when we pass through diverse temptations. Thank You for our victory in Christ, we have overcome the world. Thank You for your provision, protection and preservation; nothing shall by any means harm us. Thank You for establishing Your praise in our hearts and putting a song on our lips and a dance on our feet. Thank You, for You’ve done great things.
Thank You Abba, that You are God and You’ll always remain God. That we can call upon You at anytime, it’s a privilege, thank You. All that I am, and with all that I ever hope to be, I give You praise. You’ve been a friend, a lover and a father. I cannot thank You enough. You’re awesome beyond words, beautiful beyond description. All the glory, praise, honor, worship, adoration, I ascribe to You. You deserve so much more than I can ever offer, I give You all of me. I present myself to You as a living sacrifice, this is my act of worship. Every praise I receive I hand it all over to You. You alone are God. I love You always and forever!
Eternally Yours,

Dear God

Lover of my soul,
Waking up to a reminder of Your love for me is amazing. Realizing that Your love for me is constant and that neither my actions or inactions will cause it to increase or diminish is humbling. Understanding that I can be real with You and that You can handle my questions, my doubts, my concerns, my insecurities, is freeing.
I have come a long way from Egypt and I never want to go back there. I am nothing without You, and on my own I can’t go any further up this road on which You lead me. My relationship with You is the most important part of my life – it is my life and I never want to lose it, I don’t want to give it up. Sitting here thinking about it now, I can give up all other relationships in my life… It will hurt in various degrees, but being completely honest, Yours is the only relationship I cannot afford to lose.
I love music and art and I’m grateful for the abilities that You’ve given me. Help me use them as an expression of my Love for You and as a witness to the world.
I refuse to be conformed to the happenings around me and I receive all the benefits that You daily load me with. Regardless of all that’s going on, I choose happy. I choose to live life more abundantly. I choose Your presence above all else. When all these choices are placed before me; wealth, love, fame and fortune… I’ll choose You again and again with no second thoughts and no regrets.
You know what I find really amazing, the fact that I can say this without a shadow of doubt in my heart – I choose You. It’s funny how I have all these doubts, and worries, and concerns, and there are moments I want to lash out at You and maybe even walk away, there are days I don’t feel like speaking to You or calling Your name, there are times I’m in so much emotional pain that I physically hurt, but even in those moments, if I have to, I’ll still choose You.
I judge You faithful O Lover of my soul. You’re the same God and not even my circumstances can change You. You remain steadfast and Your promises are always true. Flood my heart over and over again with the assurance of Your love. I choose to love You and I hold on to the consistency of Your love even when I don’t feel it, especially when I don’t feel it. I embrace it, I cling to it, and I relish it, and love You in return.
Days like these I just want to spend attending to You and loving You and responding to You. I picture it in my mind again and again how you have wooed me and swept me off my feet and loved me with an everlasting Love. You amaze me, truly You do.
I know that these declarations today will somehow bring situations that will test my faith but I’m confident that I’ve got You. It’ll be so much more harder to cleave to someone who doesn’t want to be held, but You’re here and this makes my choice so much easier.
I thank You for loving me first, and for always being here even in the silence, for the Still Small Voice, for “quiet” in a world full of thunder, for gentle reminders of Your love, for tugging on my heartstrings, for the promise of eternity with You. You amaze me, my love – words cannot describe it.
I adore You, I love You, I choose You.
Eternally Yours,

Dear God…

Dear God,
I know I’ve been silent for a while, not because I don’t want to talk to you, but because I can’t really find the words. I know this is becoming too much of an excuse and I want to do better which is why I’m writing this, whether or not the words come out right.
First off, I want to say thank you. Thank you that I’m finally out of my funk. Thank you that I can smile even when nothing seems to be working as planned. Thank you that I have an opportunity to talk about your love to people that I care about. Thank you for new friends. Thank you for opportunities that just stare me right in the face. Thank you for moments that make me smile. Thank you for deep conversations with random strangers and silly conversations with friends. Thank you for my job and the chance to leave the house everyday. Thank you for a beautiful leave experience. Thank you even for the gloom cause they make the happy days oh so worth it. Thank you for the rain, the rainbow and the promise of sunshine. Thank you for life and for living. Thank you for 2012 – every part of it. Thank you for always being here even when I can’t feel you. Thank you for whispering loudly even in the silence. I can’t thank you enough, You’ve been all sorts of amazing.
As the new year begins, I have doubts, I have concerns and fears. I know 2013 is going to be challenging and thinking about it is overwhelming but I anchor myself to you. I ask that you will lead me in your will. Show me the path that I should follow and walk in. Help me make the right decisions. I don’t want to make this journey if you’re not going with me. You said to cast my cares upon you for you care for me. All I want is to see your will come to pass in my life. I trust you to do that which only you can do.
In every aspect of my life, show yourself strong. You’re God over my affairs and you perfect all that concerns me. I call, you answer and come to my rescue. You’re always with me even in the midst of the storm.
That I may know you more and more… That’s my heart’s cry. That you’ll reveal yourself to me even more as the year begins.
I love you, more than I’ll ever be able to show. I cherish the love that you have for me. I’m forever grateful for all you are to me and not just what you’ve done. Help me Lord to seek your face everyday before I seek your hand.
You’re in charge, you have my heart.
Eternally Yours,

“Dear God” Letter…

Dear Lord,
Why do I suddenly feel so far from You? Why does it feel like I’m talking to a brick wall? I can’t even find the right words. My heart feel like it’s a thousand miles from You, from home. I miss You. I miss us. I long for more. My soul is thirsty for You but I can’t seem to find the way. I seem to have lost my peace. On the outside, I look okay but deep down I know something is off. I still read the Word, or at least try to, but I don’t get much from it now. It’s beginning to feel religious when all I truly want is a genuine relationship with You.
I don’t want to just coast along. I want more. More out of life, out of learning, out of sharing, out of loving. I desire to truly live.
I stopped worrying about my future a while ago when I handed the rein over to You but somehow, this week was so tough, I seem to have picked up the habit again. I worry about the things I have no control over. I just feel like I need to do something, anything to keep things moving. You came to give me abundant life, right? Well, I want to live that abundant life.
I know that I’m not in competition with anyone and that I can trust You to move my life according to Your own calendar. Help me to remember that You are in charge and that You’re working behind the scene. In the meantime, help me overdose on loving You and ensuring that You remain number one in my life. Nothing else matters as long as my life brings You pleasure. For in pleasing You, therein lies my pleasure.
My heart is Yours, teach me Your ways. Flood my heart with peace that transcends all human reasoning. Help me be still and know that You’re God. Help me draw the line between making plans and worrying. Help me know when it’s time to stop and watch You work. Help me see that I can accomplish nothing of my own strength. Give me wisdom beyond my years. Prepare my heart for the place where you are leading me and teach me to be patient.
I lean on You and not to my own understanding. I listen out for the Still, Small Voice. Calm my heart enough to recognize You when You speak. You hold my life and I trust that You have plans to give me a hope and a future, to bring me to an expected end.
There is no God like You in all the earth. No one that I can trust with the responsibility of keeping my heart, that’s why You have it. You complete me, You make me whole. You’re a loving Father. You care for me and all my affairs, no matter how seemingly insignificant. You’re a trusted friend and confidant. A faithful lover. I adore You today and always. Your love amazes me… Teach me to accept it.
Eternally Yours,

Dear God…

My Everything,
It’s a new month. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see this one. You’ve kept me alive and well through the last eight months of this year, I’m so grateful. So much has happened in my life between January and now, it’s so amazing, I don’t even know where to begin. Indeed, you make my life so beautiful. My heart is so overwhelmed – in a good way. I have a lot to be thankful for.. So much. I may not say it often enough, but I need you to know that I am grateful, I am thankful, I am glad for you have made me glad and I rejoice in the God of my salvation.
Your grace and your mercy have kept me this far even when I am undeserving. Your love has upheld me, you’ve shone your light into the darkest places of my heart, filled me with hope, given my life meaning, given my life definition. I am a thousand times better today than I was at this time last year. Most times, I focus so much on the things that I do not have and I overlook the blessings that are already made manifest in my life. There’s so much you’ve done, I just want to burst forth in praise.
I love you beyond words o lover of my soul and keeper of my dreams, my ever present help, my strong tower, the one who gives me back my life and sustains me, the glory and the lifter of my head and my constant friend, my song, my testimony and my great reward. Like water gushing from within me, I pour my love on you. I release my praise like perfume and pray that it comes up to you as a sweet smelling savor. I just want to drench you in my tears of adoration.
Who am I that you would love me this much, holy God? Who am I that my affairs are your concern? The one who holds my life. You keep the key to my heart. You love me beyond my imagination and bless me beyond my expectation. You fill my life with hope. I am lost without you. Your love consumes me. I am lost in you. There’s no me without you and I don’t even want to exist outside of you.
Thank you for who you are. Thank you for dealing with my fears. Thank you for taking care of my future; it’s all in your hands Lord. I adore you. I reverence you. I long to love you and to know you more and more each day.
Eternally Yours,